Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Juan Manuel Márquez

Top 10 Articles of May 2015

1. Floyd Mayweather

In the fight of the century, taking place on May 2nd, most viewers were interested in knowing about Mayweather. Having won 11 world titles, Mayweather remains undefeated in 48 professional matches probably making the main attention on Wikipedia. His flashy lifestyle and public exposure of his wealth might have given him all the attention, but the fight of the century pushed him to the top with 3,224,988.

2. Cinco de mayo

The famous American-Mexican culture celebrated every 5th of May gained double figures in visitors making it take the second spot. The date was set to celebrate the Mexican army victory over the French. The events are widely in America and Mexico and considered as the Mexican Independence day. The parades, music, food and folkloric dances done during the events might have led to the 2,573,768views.

3. Manny Picquiao

He had to appear on the list having fought in the fight of the century. Despite losing nobly to Floyd Mayweather, Manny Picquiao remains highly celebrated in his homeland Philippines and worldwide by his christian lifestyle. His humble background and rise to the top also had a huge influence on the 2,383,123 views.

4. Nellie Bly

This was an American journalist who managed to travel the world in 72 days. On her journey she faked herself in all forms of insanity helping her uncover all forms of mistreatment that took place around the world. Her birthdays were on May 5th as the world celebrated her 151 birthday. Getting the Google doodle might have played a major role in raising her numbers to 2,096,193.

5. Floyd Mayweather. Jr vs Manny Picquiao

This two came again together on number five gaining 2,074,940 views. The numbers went down from their individual views, but then the fight of the century had to make it to the top 10. The cost of tickets to the fight and the number viewing the fight worldwide might have created some frenzy leading to the high numbers.

6. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Premiering on 13th April, the Marvel cinematic movie had huge views on its release date. Released on May 1st, the movie got 1,990,691 views helping it make to the top ten. The fact that this movie is the sequel to the avengers 2012 might have given it all these audiences.

7. Vision (Marvel Comics)

The vision is the name of the American superheroes who have appeared in several comic books. He became the breakthrough star in the Avengers giving it all the attention with 760,608 people checking him on Wikipedia.

8. Achim Leistner

The gifted Australian/German optician has a natural talent, allowing to handcraft spheres just like a machine. Having been noted on Reddit, people were so eager to check him out. 732,005 views visited him on Wikipedia helping him make the cut to top ten.

9. List of highest-grossing films

People were so eager to track the progress of the highest grossing films with fast and Furious 7 hitting $1billion worldwide. The release of the Avenger Ultron is also on the rise and people were keen to check its rise on the list with 724,579 views.

10. Mother’s day

Mother’s day, which took place on 10th may finishes, our top ten list with 723,932 views. This is one widely celebrated Holidays worldwide and the fact that it was on the most popular day; Sunday made it gain all those massive views.

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