Imagine carrying thousands - maybe even millions - of encyclopedia articles in your pocket, providing you with instant access every time you travel. Well, It’s not a pipe dream anymore - using an offline Wikipedia app can not only save you a lot of time when you need quick information, but you won’t even need to connect to the internet to use it. So, whether you’re searching for articles on Madonna or Mozart, physics or psychics, or the remote little village that you’ve come across on your travels, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Here are some of the benefits of using Wikipedia offline for traveling.

1. Save money

Using data when traveling can cost you money. So, why connect to WiFi on your iPhone or iPad, when you access Wikipedia without using the internet at all? A Wikipedia offline app means you won’t be charge for overage bandwidth, and you will be able to access articles when you need to.

2. Explore the local area

Looking for something to do on your travels? Searching for a nearby museum, gallery, or attractions? Let an offline Wikipedia app do all the hard work for you. Find things to do in your area, and read up on the history of must-see landmarks and locations.

3. The full Wikipedia experience without using a browser

Using Wikipedia online can often present you with a number of challenges. If you have a slow internet connection, or are in a part of the world with no internet at all, you could be waiting ages for pages to load. With a Wikipedia offline app, you can now experience all of what Wikipedia has to offer without any of the hassle. No more squinting at text or pinching the screen to zoom into information. Articles have been designed to load quickly and properly on your screen.

4. Organize your articles

With a Wikipedia offline app, you can customize your experience by marking articles to be read at a later date. This makes it easier to find information when on the go. If you have days out booked, save time by finding all the information you need ahead of time, and become your very own tour guide when you get there.

5. Use Wikipedia when flying

Prepare for your trip when on an airplane by using Wikipedia offline. When you’re unable to connect to the internet, you can still search for city guides, tourist destinations, and country profiles - all from an in-app interface that is quick and easy to use. So, if you thought you couldn’t access Wikipedia when flying 30,000 feet in the air, think again…

6. Easy to download

Using a Wikipedia offline app is simple. You’ll need to be connected to WiFi to download everything you need in the first instance. But once this is done, you’ll be free to explore the encyclopedia without having to connect to the net - making it perfect when on a road trip.

7. Available in different languages

An offline Wikipedia app is available in various languages, so whether you’re looking for articles in Swedish or Spanish, you’ll be able to get more from your reading experience.